You’re Funny! Tips For Being A Good Comedian

If you think you are funny, we think you could be funnier!

Being a comedian takes discipline and some quirks. You can’t just go up on the stage, grab a mic and speak the usual elephant and ant jokes. We mean, you could, but you have got to make it interesting. The entertainment industry is cutthroat and being a comedian in an already saturated market for comedy means you have to stand out. If you are trying to start off your career as a comedian, we have some tips you might want to take a look at!

Use Your Real Life Experiences To Really Connect Well With The Audience

It has been found that audience respond well to comedians who share their real life experiences and make it funnier. Take a more “been there done that” approach if you really want to connect your audience. People love to hear comedians share real life experience because there’s some sort of originality to it. It does not take a lot of practice to remember a story that you have already experiences. However, you do need to work on the delivery. A regular experience narrated in a mundane manner would not make a difference. Give your personal experience a fun spin and watch your audience break into laughter.

Get To The Point Fast Instead Of Dragging It Out

Sure, comedy involves building a premise or a plot. However, you need to identify the key moment in your script and get their fast. The key to being a successful comedian lies in your skill of editing. It is not about what you are saying as much as it is about what you are not. Don’t drag around your premise longer than necessary to avoid people losing interest. Try to use witty and few words to get to the main part of your act fast enough for people to still be able to enjoy it!

Create Tension To Land The Punch Line

The fail-proof trick to be great at comedy is building tension. It’s almost like bringing the audience to the edge of their seats and then hitting them with the punch line. It usually works the best if you are building up a serious a tension among the audience and then drop that tension by something so unimportant that it is funny. This is the time when your punch line would hit the hardest!

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