Yuvraj narrates Rohit and Harbhajan’s hilarious English speaking stories

Yuvraj Singh was at his hilarious best when he narrated incidents about his team-mates whose attempts to speak fluent English fell flat.

If there is one thing which former Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh does better than even hitting breathtaking drives through the covers, it is to tell interesting anecdotes. In an interview posted to YouTube by Gaurav Kapur’s show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, the two friends ran riot with their hilarious stories.

Among the funniest were Yuvi’s English speaking tales about his team-mates. The list includes Rohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh.

Talking about the Punjab team, Yuvraj sarcastically said that Ranji Trophy players from the state were excellent English orators to the extent that other English-speaking folk would forget their command over the language. Yuvraj went on to reveal that they had decided during their Ranji season that players could converse only in English on a particular day.

One of the best Indian cricketers to play white-ball cricket, Yuvraj said that all he heard from the boys that day was ‘good morning paaji’ and ‘thank you paaji’.

In another such incident, veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh had inculcated a habit of Sunday being an English-only day for the team and those speaking any other language were fined. This resulted in hilarious on-field altercations where normally Punjabi-fluent lads found themselves struggling to think of expletives in English to level at a teammate when they messed up in the field or grassed a catch.

Yuvraj continued on his laugh ride, as he went on to narrate an incident about Indian white-ball vice-captain and Indian team junior Rohit Sharma.

As per Yuvi, Rohit Sharma spoke to him before the 2009 Indian Premier League, trying to convince him to attend the inaugural ceremony because it would include a performance by “Florida”. Supposedly, Rohit insisted that the American rapper Flo Rida’s name was pronounced as Florida.

Not naming the person involved in this slip-up, Yuvraj narrated an incident about an unnamed “professor” in the national team insisted that an athlete from Punjab was playing for the Brazilian national football team. When Yuvi inquired about who the player was, the “professor” told him that it was Kaka.

In the same interview with Gaurav Kapur, Yuvraj also talked about his cooking skills. He proved that he can cook by successfully boiling water in response to team-mate Zaheer Khan’s charge that Yuvi can’t cook to save his life.

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