ZeroFood Waste: Surprising Fruits And Vegetable Peels That Are Safe To Eat

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People can be all talks about how the environment is going down one day at a time. It’s easy to talk the talk, but do you have it in you to walk the walk? Start with your kitchen. Living sustainable is not just for your clothes and using cloth bags instead of plastics. Living sustainably also means reducing food wastage. Every day, you waste a ton of food in your even if it is not on the food table. What we mean is that maybe you don’t throw away or waste the cooked food, but what about the parts that are uncooked. So much of the fruits and vegetables go into the bin because you think they cannot be eaten. Here are some fruits and vegetable peels that you could actually eat and trust us it is safe!

You Can Use Orange Peel In Your Smoothies

Although You could eat an orange with the peel itself, we are guessing most people would not be a fan of that. However, orange peel is a powerful source of antioxidants. It also performs as a lung cleansing agent along with being a source of natural suppressants for histamine. Naturally, eating orange peel would not just be good for the environment, but also for your health. That being said, if you feel a little icky about eating an orange peel raw, you could cut use them in your smoothie mix and then blend it all together!

Potato Skin Is A Fun Thing To Eat

Of course, potato skin has tonnes of benefits for your health, but we would not bore you with that. We are more interested in showing you how you could have fun while eating potato skins. The answer is simple –fry them! Just like potato chips, even the potato skin when deep fried, makes for fantastic crisps and chips. Try this one out and you will not be sorry!

Banana Peel Is A Mighty Food

It might seem unusual to eat a banana peel, but the health benefits you would have will be worth it. Banana peels are one of the most nutritious and fibrous things you could although they taste quite bitter. However, you could use them in smoothies, bake or even fry them to add flavour to it and the cooking would soften it up. This one is suggested to be not eaten raw.

Urbee Sarkar

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