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Anxious about almost everything? Here is what you need.

The best way to explain high functioning anxiety is if I ask you, where did you keep the keys? Does that skip a beat? Do you feel the immediate urge to check in your purse and keep the search on till you feel the ringing of keys on your fingers and lay out a sigh of relief? Anxiety is much more common than you think, and about 70% of people sharing the modern century have acquired it. Wish there was a way to solve it? Here is all you need to know to keep your anxiety in check.

Recognize The Symptoms-

Anxiety can be thought of as part biological and partly acquired. If you work or stay in an environment that steals your mental peace, you are likely to have anxiety. Some situations like public speaking, anticipating something, presenting something on your own might give you hyperventilation, but you need to remain calm and deal with it in a planned way. The best way to do it is to cut off from the source and let deep breaths, good music and a refreshing beverage be on your side.

Make Friends With Your Fear-

Fear can be your worst enemy or your source of enormous power as you deal with it. You might choose to take a completely different path from your fear, but it will find your way back. If meeting new people gives you anxiety, you can’t isolate yourself forever. You have to face it one at a time. Start with being friends with like-minded people and then slowly shift to ordinary crowds we meet every day.

Reconnect With Your Body-

Sometimes we are so deeply engrossed in our trail of thoughts that we are even ready to forget ourselves. The best way to reconnect with yourself is to go for long walks, treat yourself to your favourite meals, and some yoga and meditation come a long way!

Listen To The Little Voice Inside Your Head-

Your conscience is the best leader you can have. While you are deep in your fears, the little guy still holds firm and tells you everything will be alight. Ensure you support your conscience and keep on strong to deal with any situation life throws in your way. You are stronger than you know.

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