Zodiac signs who are natural detectives

Some are just born with it.

Whether you agree or not, zodiac signs play part in determining the kind of person you are. The personalities traits are derived from astrology and to be honest that makes sense sometimes. If a person likes being a free bird, they are likely to be a Sagittarius. Someone likes being in charge? Definitely a Leo.

Being detective-like takes some personality traits as well. A laid-back person who hates confrontation would not do well in a detective role. There are a few zodiac signs who are naturally instinctive, do not trust information from one source, can read people well an investigating comes naturally to them.

Here are the zodiac signs who are natural detectives.

Scorpio: Scorpio is equipped with an inbuilt lie detector. Well, biologically that is not true. What it actually means is that whose born under the sign of Scorpio are incredibly good at reading people and between the lines. Because they are cautious people who filter information about themselves, they are adept in knowing when people are withholding important bits of info too, making them good at detecting stuff.

Virgo: Can’t get something done? Virgo will know what to do. Being a detective means hours of research and this is exactly where Virgo thrives. It’s actually an ideal environment for them. Just a Virgo, internet, a laptop and they are equipped to take over the world. They are low-key socially, but with all that thorough research they will come up with clues most miss out on.

Gemini: Gemini are charming and more importantly, they are great conversationalist. They know the right questions to ask at the right moment. Mental agility keeps them going. They love puzzles and love it even more when they make the puzzles fit. As detectives, they would be good undercover cause they are dedicated souls.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius are free souls and more importantly, they are people person. They like to engage in conversations with all kinds of people. Being involved in every situation, with every kind of people is kind of their thing. A thirst for knowledge is their thing. If they are to be on a case, nothing is too far, no case too deep, no puzzle unsolvable.

Capricorn:Capricorn likes working hard and do not mind burning the midnight oil to get the job done. They like challenges so they would pick up a cold case that has remained unsolvable and sit down to solve it. Their methodical approach comes in handy in detective work.

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