10 Must-try fruits in the Philippines

Amongst many things to do in the Philippines, eating fruits is an amazing experience.

In this beautiful ocean-encompassed country, some fruits can provide you with the perfect taste of pleasure. Various delicious tropical fruits are cultivated there. Many tourists consider Filipino fruits as the best Asian fruits. This wide range of fruits is both delicious and healthy. Following is the list of fruits you want must eat while visiting the Philippines.

Philipino Mangoes, uniquely sweet:

Mango is the national symbol of this country. They are sweet or tart in taste with juicy flesh. Among many varieties, Guimaras mangoes are considered to be the sweetest. However, Davao and Zambales are also famous for their sweetness. If you don’t like sweet mangoes, you can try green unripened versions too.

Pineapples, found in abundance:

This country is famous for cultivating pineapple. Even, there is a festival dedicated solely to economic prosperity due to pineapple cultivation. No other Pineapple tastes as good as Filipino pineapple. They are much sweeter than the famous Australian or Hawaiian varieties. They are usually sold after neat peeling and slicing.

Calamansi, also known as Philippine lemon:

This is used widely in various Filipino dishes. Due to easy cultivation processes, they are grown in many households too. Apart from various dishes, they are used in tea. Calamansi is enriched with antioxidants, thus preferred by almost all health-conscious people.

Lanzones, only grown in Southeast Asia:

Camiguin province is famous for growing Lanzones. They are also known as Longkong or Langsat in other regions. They resemble yellow grapes. They taste sweet and sometimes sour. Based on nutritional profiles, they are much like grapefruit. There is an easy way to distinguish sweet Lanzones from sour ones. If black ants are found on the tree, then the fruit is definitely sweet. They are mostly grown from August to December.

Atis, an apple-lookalike fruit:

This is known as cherimoya or custard apple. They are grown from September to December. This fruit has creamy white flesh. They taste like custard. Always remember to peel off the skin as they might be toxic for your body. This fruit is used to prepare smoothies and shakes.

Guyabano, an unusual delicious fruit:

This tropical fruit has white flesh with a custard-like flavor. August to November is the best time to get authentic Filipino Guyabanos. This fruit is unique because it tastes like strawberry or apple and smells like pineapple. This makes it the best option for making shakes or smoothies. Even, Guyabano ice cream has now become famous.

Balimbing, the two-faced Filipino fruit:

They are known as star fruit due to their shape. They taste like an unripened mango. However, some tart varieties are also available. In Latin American countries, they are called carambola. They can be grown throughout the year.

Make your Philippines tour more unforgettable by eating those fruits.

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