Published By: Elisa Ghosh

21st century innovative musical instruments

Innovations have always brought positive things in this world and innovations have also enchanted the world of music.

Musical instruments have evolved for many years through various experimentations and these experimentations have never failed to amaze us. People wouldn't have had a clue that with simple mechanisms one can create a magical instrument that awes us from the core. Here in this blog I am going to introduce you with some magical innovations that shook the world of music.


This is certainly one of the most mesmerizing instruments that mankind has ever produced. This innovation has been stemmed from the amalgamation of wood and water. It has a curved tube which is positioned horizontally and bears holes on the top. The instrument produces tunes as the water flows. The holes are blocked and released to produce the sound of the most soothing and relaxing tune.


You can say Eigenharp is one of the most expressive musical instruments of all time, which is a combination of percussion keys, ribbon controllers and mouthpiece, and cannot only be classified as a keyboard instrument. The mesmerizing and captivating sound that it produces directly complements the delicate and sleek look that it bears. So you can say that this instrument is a feast to your ears as well as your eyes.

Tenori On

It is an innovation from Japan that has taken the world in an enchanted place with its melodious and soothing sound. It is a digital instrument that comprises a square grid of size sixteen by sixteen and has LED lights attached to it which is responsive to touch. If you hear one of these you will surely know how mesmerizing digitally produced sound can be.

Hapi Drums

If you look at this instrument at a first glance you will mistake it for a UFO. It is one of the most artfully created musical instruments and looks like a small drum. The word Hapi stands for Hand Activated Percussion Instrument and it has the power to bring happiness to anyone who plays it. It is made up of steel and it creates the sound of nature. The sweet melody of this instrument is also used in music therapy as it creates the most pacifying and melodious environment that quenches one’s soul from the core.

These are the top four most innovative musical instruments of the 21st century till date. But the world has not stopped, with each passing day new innovations are coming up.