Published By: Shreya Ghai

3 addictive cucumber dips to try

Classic dips never disappoint. You can have them with your salad sticks or favourite crisps.

Cucumber dips are refreshing and delicious. They are light on your stomach and they are easily digested. They soothe your stomach on a hot summer day. Here are three cucumber dip recipes for your chips and crisps.

Cucumber dip with cream cheese


1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened

1 english / hothouse cucumber

1 tsp garlic powder

1-2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp fresh dill, minced

Salt and pepper


Grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice out in tissue paper or a towel. Reserve the dry cucumber in a mixing bowl and add cream cheese to it. Blend it with a hand mixer. Add garlic powder and lemon juice. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it well. Let it cool and serve it with your favourite snacks.

Radish cilantro cucumber dip

1 cup plain greek yoghurt

4 ounces of cream cheese

Minced garlic - 2 cloves

Lemon juice

Cilantro leaves

Spring onions - chopped

1/4th spoon of salt

1 cup freshly grated cucumber

1 cup grated radish


Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend with a hand blender. Add pepper and chilli flakes and mix with a wooden spoon. Refrigerate before serving.


1 cup greek style yoghurt

1 lebanese cucumber

1 small clove of garlic -finely chopped

1/2 tablespoon fresh dill leaves - chopped

Salt to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

Grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice out. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir it well. Add salt and mix well again. Serve chilled with crackers, pita chips or nachos.

Here’s what you can serve with these cucumber dips

Graham crackers

Salad sticks

Cheesy sticks

Cigar rolls

Spring rolls

Pita crisps

Vegetable chips

French fries

Cucumber dips are everyone's favourites but because most of you are busy with your work life, you stock these dips from the nearest store, how about ditching the store-bought cucumber dips and give these recipes a try.