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Some songs on the guitar seem complex but are simple!

Guitar is one of the most beloved instruments around the world. Most classic rock songs and even magic musical movements have started by the sound of the guitar including the blues, rock and roll and even classic and indie rock. Over the years many of the greatest hits have been composed using simple yet pleasing chords that even a beginner guitarist can easily play with a little bit of practice. These songs range from downright classics to even niche and rare, if you are a beginner guitarist who is just starting to learn chords and chord progressions this list is perfect for you. You can surely impress your friends and peers by learning these guitar chords which are timeless classics.

The songs have a wide range of techniques but can be adapted to your skill level and will sound perfect with either strumming or plucking, the list has some bar chords here and there but can be adjusted so it is doable in an open chord structure.

Blowing in the Wind

A Classic folk song composed by one the greatest songwriters of all time, Bob Dylan, this song represents the rebellion of the 60s and is instantly recognisable, this song can be an instant hit among lovers of folk and Bob Dylan, composed in the scale of D the song has only four chords, G, D, B Minor and A and the difficulty is very low if you have just started to play guitar this song is the perfect one to add to your repertoire.

With or Without You

A classic rock song by the legendary group U2, this song is also another legendary crowd pleaser that you can whip out at your next hangout or gathering, it is extremely easy to play but the impact and the popularity of the song are both extremely high this song also has four chords, G, D, E minor and A, but all the chords are open chords and don’t even require and understanding of the barre chords perfect for absolute beginners as well.

Let it Be

Perhaps one of the most iconic songs on this list, the song is one of the most heard songs of all time by the greatest band to have ever assembled, The Beatles. The song has an emotional factor to it, and its popularity is so immense that it can be appreciated by almost every age group, the iconic status of the song however doesn’t mean that it is complex, the rhythm guitar only consists of four chords, G, D, E minor and C with a slow and repetitive strumming pattern. This song is a must learn for all beginners who want to understand music composition.