The most underrated film movements in the history of the art form, one must really watch the works to understand the medium!

When it comes to popular film movements many other nations come to mind before Taiwan, which is a small island with a unique history and culture. Any student of this medium may have heard of the popular European film movements such as the Nouvelle Vague or the French New Wave during the 60s, the Italian NeoRealist Movement in the 40s and the German Expressionist movement in the early part of the twentieth century. Yet the Taiwanese  new wave doesn’t often gain popularity or isn’t as well known as the other movements, even third cinema and other smaller movements have gained recognition but if one really wants to have an understanding of the medium watching the Taiwanese new Wave is absolutely essential. The works in this film movement contain personal and understated works that will make you contemplate and think on subtle ways these artists have affected you and pierced your very being. All narratives in the Taiwanese New Wave pertain to the changing pace of the country and its people and culture and films are rooted in both urban and rural settings often about the transition from one space to another. This list contains works from pioneers of the Taiwanese New Wave and will be a list that contains essential viewing for the ones interested to discover this movement and learn about it in detail.

City of Sadness 

City of Sadness is a narrative set in the past, it has a period setting and the deep and emotional stories are extremely engaging and sentimental. It was made by one the most iconic names associated with the New Taiwanese Movement Hou Hsiao Hsein, who is also the mind behind one the most popular films associated with this movement. This particular film had a huge impact on the international circuit as well, it took home the coveted Golden Lion.

Taipei Story

This work is by another face of the movement Edward Yang, it takes place in the Capital of Taiwan and is a modern story that tells us about the gap between the past and present. It shows what the youth back then thought like and the work is gleaming with that energy. The work also features artist Hou Hsiao Hsein as its titular character.

Yi Yi

The most popular work associated with the movement, Yi Yi tells the story of a classic Taiwanese family and is seeped with gorgeous imagery, the second work by Edward Yang on his list and is arguably his best work. It also gained a lot of attention from audiences worldwide.

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