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People are most attracted to mystery as a genre because it brings out their inner detective!

If one has to trace the history of cinema noir, which simply means black in French, one will have to go back to the early days of cinema as a medium. The German Expressionism movement in the silent era triggered the birth of film noir. Yet noir isn't really a movement but rather a style that has several characteristics and traits. Such as high contrast lighting or chiaroscuro lighting, gritty and pulp themes that often deal with morally dubious characters, including the protagonist, and above all, an indispensable element of mystery.

In the early film noirs, most of the features were direct adaptations of pulp detective novels. Famous films from this particular genre are all classic detective stories. Neo-noir is a subgenre of noir; 'neo-noir' means 'new' noir. Neo-noirs are a reincarnation of the old film noir in colour, with some key similarities in the narrative.


This is a work by one of the most famous director-duos working in the industry. The feature is a master class in screenwriting and editing. Its narrative features a state called Minnesota in the United States. The cold and icy climate of Minnesota serves as a backdrop to the palpable tension in the narrative. All characters in this film are on the darker end of the spectrum, except the protagonist. A pregnant sheriff in a small town. The central mystery of the film borders on the expectation of erupting violence in the climax.


A narrative based on an unnamed gloomy city, the project features beautiful performances from the biggest names in cinema. Its plot is reminiscent of old pulp mystery novels, but the treatment is up-to-date and looks very gritty and realistic. The basic narrative revolves around a police officer who is about to retire and his relationship with a new cop who has just joined his city.

LA Confidential

Another classic noir narrative about crooked police officers, an untrustworthy female, and the city of Los Angeles, it should be mandatory to watch for those who crave a good mystery. This feature delivers on all counts when it comes to fulfilling genre conventions. All of the performances in this film are brilliant, including the titular roles.

Old Boy

Adapted from a manga of the same name, Old Boy is a film that has all the elements of a great mystery. The central character is hell-bent on vengeance after losing his family. Yet the powers that be are planning to make his life more difficult, as there is something very sinister at the core of the plot. Audiences are kept in the dark about what is really going on until the very end, at the shocking climax!