Published By: Jayati


Oftentimes in productions the largest cost is incurred in building massive real life sets!

Building sets is often a luxury afforded to the productions which have unlimited accessibility in most things including a considerable amount of production value attached with it. Shooting on a set can be massively advantageous due to a lot of factors such as the control over lighting and the environment, control over sound if the project has on location sound recording it is a massive bonus,  no uncertainties or sudden surprises, ease of planning and execution and also an overall atmosphere where the executive producer will have things under their control. But where there are many advantages of shooting on a set there are also massive disadvantages, and some of these might detour even the productions that do have the budget. Like shooting on a set instantly removes the concept of a tangible reality that your project might have also shooting on set rather than on a natural location you have to imagine and recreate every detail from your reference. These can be tiresome and also futile in some cases as even if the set is beautiful there is a tinge of inauthenticity that will always remain. In most cases even the productions with the highest budgets these days prefer to shoot on natural locations and they do that by modifying the location and using the location according to their requirements. This might be the ideal method as this gives one the best of both worlds and also lends the narrative a much needed sense of authenticity. This list consists of projects that have managed to use the natural locations to its fullest advantage and have moulded their narratives and scripts perfectly in by using the real locations. These projects will range from the high budget productions to low budget independent productions as well.


Made by one of cinema’s greatest Michelangelo Antonioni, the narrative is set on an island and places around it most of the work is shot in natural locations which adds to the depth of the story and even accentuates the form of cinema that Antonioni is trying to show.

El Topo

A western by Alejandro Jodowrosky, it is set in a desert which is substantiated by the work being shot In a natural location each of its shots look magnificent and the fantasy storyline also seem believable because he chose to shoot in real locations.


A story about the childhood of the creator itself, it is shot in the old neighbourhood where the maker used to live, a fine recreation by one of Mexico’s finest Alfonso Cuaron. The whole street was recreated to look like the 70s.