Image is an integral part of the aesthetics of the medium. It has shaped the art of cinema in many ways!

Image is the core essence of what cinema stands for. Many a times it is forgotten that at initial stages of the medium there was only an image that fascinated the audiences around and made cinema a globally loved medium. Images are truly from where cinema started as well, as an image when played 24 times a second creates the illusion of a movement. It is very important to hence understand cinematography as a concept which dictates how the camera interacts with light in order to illuminate the images hidden within the sensor which is not yet exposed. To understand cinematography one must thoroughly study works in which the image is used in an interesting way but also follows the traditional traits and approaches of imagining. This list contains works that are old and new that have the best possible understanding of cinematography, these works are from the best image makers in the world and each of these projects are exemplary examples of the medium that has immense potential when it comes to image. Perspective is one of the most important factors in cinema and their works have a unique perspective.

Edge of Heaven

Photographed by the legendary cameraman Nestor Alamandros this is work than can be considered a magnum opus for several reasons such as the way the natural light has been used  fan very well be one of the first film to use natural light in a proper way, also many shots of the golden hour which means the time during the sunset was utilised properly, as most of this feature is based on visuals the work feels poetic and the images have an inherent profound quality in them.


A project created by one of the greatest thinkers  in the medium, the work is shot in two different colour tones to demarcate the separate locations in the film one in sepia and the other in colour, the cinematography of this work is absolutely appropriate for the narrative and don’t ever stray away from the genre of science fiction and is a completely new approach towards the genre.

In the Mood for Love

Shot by Christopher Doyle who won the technical prize at the Cannes International Film Festival, this project is the epitome of what cinema should look like painted in rich colours and beautiful framing. The work is a great example of balanced lighting and rich textures, it also has great camera movements synced with the iconic yumeji’s theme used in the feature.

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