Soviet Russia had a very aesthetic and regimented cinema practice right from the formation of it!

During the Cold War, American cinema was making its soft power felt with the infusion of its popular culture around the world. During the soviet era Russian works were considered in a high regard, and the medium saw a lot of revolutionary artists of the medium make their voices and cinema heard.  The cinema made in the Soviet Union has many phases and styles. The earliest phase is perhaps where most of the development happened as many theorists and prominent cinema Intellectuals were coming up with new ways to contemplate and execute cinema and experiments such as the Kuleshov Effect and the theory of Intellectual montage and its types were also being formed. In the silent era many of the Soviet Artists made works that completely changed how cinema is viewed eternally. Yet the contribution did not stop in the silent era, even after the advent of sound many great works were produced by Soviets until the collapse of the Union.

This list contains the greatest works ever produced in Soviet Russia and its impact on cinema. These works are important and crucial to understand the medium itself and each of these works have a direct impact and even contribution to how cinema works at the current moment. Developments made in these works can be traced in the technical and the philosophical progression of the medium and these ideas are very prevalent even in works today. Some of the ideas might not be directly visible while others are the direct result of the experiments that were done with the medium in the beginning of the Soviet Union.

Battleship Potemkin

Perhaps one of the greatest pictures made in Soviet Russia by artist and cinema theorist Sergei Eisentsein, this work employs the montage theory to its full effect and is important because it is an epic in every sense of the word.

Ivan’s Childhood

Another seminal project, this one is particularly special because it is the debut feature of Andrei Tarkovsky; and the work shows his mastery of the craft right from his first work that also won the golden lion in the Venice International Film Festival.

Cranes are Flying

An important work made in Soviet Russia, this was made by legendary artist Mikhail Kalatozov, who also made other masterpieces like I am Cuba. The work was acclaimed the world over at the time as it managed to win the highly coveted Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival that year.

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