Each year there are a few art festivals that celebrate the medium, and none like Cannes!

The most important part of the Cannes International Film Festival is not its glamour or the names associated to its status, for more than seventy years the festival has been highlighting exemplary works in the medium and has provided a highlighting to great works of art which would have gone unnoticed otherwise. There are several reasons why the Cannes International Film Festival is called the high temple of cinema and art; it is due to its integrity and the quality of its official selections. Every year cinephiles from around the world wait for a glimpse at the official selection to know and understand which works are getting the honour of being shown at the prestigious event. And one of the most coveted prizes in the cinema world is the Golden Palm which is the top prize in the Cannes International Film Festival. Like every year, this year’s list of projects range from the newcomers and veterans, and some of the selections are of absolute masters in the medium yet they have not shown their works in the French festival. This list will serve as a guide on which projects to keep an eye out for in this year’s edition of the Cannes international Film Festival.

Perfect Days

One of the very first projects one should look out for is by the absolute legend and German Artist Wim Wenders latest outing, the artists has a history with the festival and has been awarded the top prize the golden palm before for his film Paris, Texas, other than that the status of Wenders is solidified in the pages of cinema history. Yet what happens with his latest outing remains to be seen.


Another legend in this year’s selection list and an absolute icon, he has also previously won the top prize at the Cannes international Film Festival the golden palm for his work Shoplifters, it is a curious site for cinema fans all over the world to uncover what his latest project brings to the medium.

The Old Oak

Perhaps the most admired name on the list, The Old Oak is made by Ken Loach whose hard hitting social dramas are a hallmark of realism in the medium. He is a proponent of British Cinema and is an important practitioner of the Kitchen Sink Realism he also has already won the Golden Palm and he has won it twice Once for I, Daniel, Blake and once for The wind that Shakes the Barley.

Quing Chun

By one of the most important creators of the slow cinema movement fans of this genre should be aware of Wang Bing’s newest cinematic venture.

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