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Here's why they've become the most inspiring band of all time!

The Beatles are synonymous with world music. They are the most talked about band even after sixty plus years since they formed. They were active as a band for only seven years, and still turned out to be the most essential band in Rock, pop and heavy metal movement. We will discuss in detail about 5 most important reasons The Beatles achieved such a frantic height of success in such a short tenure.

Revolutionized the Album Cover Art style

One of the most vital creative elements for attracting listeners to an album today is the album cover. In order to generate media attention before the album's release, bands and other groups constantly strive to produce distinctive and eye-catching album covers. One of the progenitors in turning the album cover into a piece of art was The Beatles. The album covers of "Abbey Road" and "Help" are iconic till date and play a significant role in popular culture.

Immersing into the Counter culture

Because of the Beatles' unique and diverse musical style and culture, they swiftly gained international fame. The Beatles were a pioneer of the counterculture that was thriving in the US during the 1960s. With the Beatles' latter albums' proto-punk songs, the youth found their voice. One of the founding fathers of the hippie movement that is currently resonating around the globe is John Lennon. The Beatles came to be associated with aestheticism, modern music, sexual liberty, and feminism.

Pioneer in Recording Spectrum

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, when they were at their peak. However, it didn't backfire. The Beatles worked hard and dedicated themselves into the recording sessions. They had an amazing studio producer named George Martin, who helped them to use path breaking styles to implement while recording a song. They accelerated up and slowed down the vocals in several songs that ended up being super hits. The Beatles were the first band who used guitar feedback in a mainstream song.

Emancipation of Album Era

When the Beatles started to become a known face in the music industry, the artists relied more on singles rather than albums for success. The Beatles changed that, and the album era started going full throttle. Their "Sgt. Peppers" is one of the earliest concept albums in music history.

Reinvention of Musical Style as the Pioneers in Rock & Pop

The musical style of The Beatles cannot be confined in a narrow spectrum. They recorded songs ranging from Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Soul, R&B, and even Indian Classical. Most importantly, they influenced the heavy metal and hard rock music scene. There are hardly any bands formed in the eighties, nineties to this day who are not inspired by The Beatles.