5 Recipes that will keep you hydrated.

Summer is all about scorching sun and dehydration. No matter how many litres of water you intake in a day, your body will ask for more. Staying hydrated might not always come easily to a lot of people but it is important to beat the summer. 

Other sources will rehydrate your body and also provide some other special health benefits.

Water infused with fruits: If you do not like the taste of water, then try infusing it with some summer fruits that will add some flavour to your boring drink. Add slices of watermelon, lemon, cucumber and mint to mineral water. You can also add ice cubes to it.

Fruit juicesFruits with high water contents are the best source to retain hydration. Try drinking fruit juices that are freshly squeezed from fruits at home. This is healthy as well as refreshing. Fruit juices are considered to be the best way to beat the summer. Sugarcane juice, watermelon juice, coconut water or is it simple nimbu pani is praised among all of us.

Milk: Many of us are aware of the fact that milk and its product serves as the best source of calcium but this is also useful in the rehydration of your body. The presence of lactose sugar and proteins helps your body speedily retain the water. This may be also the reason that it is advised to drink milk when you are having intense hiccups. But having a biscuit or cookie with a glass of milk is a bad idea.

Green tea: We are all aware of its health benefit when it comes to losing weight. Apart from that, green tea also replenishes the water supply and makes you feel awake and alert as well. This will also increase the rate of metabolism and give your body some added nutrients as well.

Homemade electrolyte: This is probably the easiest and effective formula used in every household. If sugar, salt and water don’t mark your taste buds, then add few drops of lemon and grated ginger to it. The homemade electrolyte is a year old recipe and is also doctor recommended.

Dehydration or loss of excess water from the body leaves behind the symptoms like headache, dizziness, dry mouth and tiredness. So whenever you acknowledge any of these symptoms, grab any of the drinks mentioned above to restore the water balance in your body. Stay hydrated and beat the summer!

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