5 Unique Recipes that Every Tea Lover Must Try

Tea is the most loved beverage across the world. Not just in India, the fondness for tea can be seen universally. Here are the 5 unique tea recipes that are a must try for every tea love.

Tea is not just a beverage but a ritual which is celebrated in most households every morning and evening. In a world divided by languages, religions and cultures, tea is one constant that binds everyone together. A freshly brewed cup of ginger or masala tea is something we find solace in every day.

Not many are acquainted with the fact that there are hundreds of ways in which you can make a tea. Here we are listing 5 unique tea recipes that are sure to catch your fancy-

Tandoori Chai

One of the most unique of the tea recipes, tandoori chai is known to a distinctive flavor. This divine concoction is prepared by heating a clay pot for 10 minutes and adding sugar, tea leaves, mint leaves, lemon grass and tea masala in boiling water. Add milk at the end and boil again for 2 minutes. Now carefully place the hot clay pot in a vessel and strain the tea into it. Bubbles start to form in it and the tea oozes out of the vessel, giving it a very smoky and earthy flavor.

Iced Tea Latte

Iced tea latte, and the best one at that, can be easily made at home. Milky, sweet and spicy, all at the same time, this tea will tantalize your taste buds for sure. Add black tea, sweetner and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, and ground nutmeg and ginger in water and let it simmer. Strain out the solids and add vanilla extract. Chill the concentrate in a fridge for an hour. Pour chai into a glass and add milk and ice.

Pink Tea

The Kashmiri pink tea is a hot beverage prepared with kahwa leaves and cardamom. In two cups of boiling water add cardamom seeds, salt, tea leaves, cinnamon, soda bicarbonate and star anise. Add milk and sugar and strain the tea into a kettle. It is usually garnished with chopped pistachios before serving.

Chilled Lemon Tea

Chilled lemon chai is not just refreshing but is also helpful in reducing weight and curing cough. Place black tea bags and green tea bags in a jar. Pour boiling water over them and let it steep for half an hour. Remove tea bags, add sweetener and lemon concentrate, as well as cold water. Serve chilled with .

Butter Chai

Warm up your chilly winter days with this cup of frothy and creamy tea rich in nutrients. The tea is prepared using two cups of black tea, clarified butter, sweetener, cardamom powder, and ground cinnamon, ginger, fennel seeds and cloves. Simmer on medium-high flame for some time. Strain and serve!

These unique and tantalizing tea recipes should be tried by every tea lover at least once. So, what are you waiting for, let’s start brewing!

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