5 Ways To Stay Safe From Heat Stroke And Dehydration

Adequate fluid intake and wearing of cotton clothes protects from the summer heat!

When we are in the sun for a long time in summer, our body temperature rises above normal. When our body temperature rises above 37-38 degrees Celsius, the functioning of human organs is affected. Excessive sweating weakens the body by removing important minerals from our system. Whereas, excess water loss can cause dehydration, which can be fatal if not treated in time.

Be Careful If You See These Symptoms Of Heat Stroke And Dehydration:

Excessive sweating is one of the main symptoms of heat stroke. At the same time, if you experience dizziness, nausea, and excessive fatigue, then you must understand that you have suffered a heat stroke. Dehydration causes sodium deficiency in our body. Awareness measures should be taken immediately in case of sudden increase in heart rate and numbness of limbs.

Avoid The Heat Of The Sun As Much As Possible:

Don’t go out of the house unnecessarily in summer. Even if you go out, avoid the time from 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, because that is when the heat of the sun is most intense. Also, be sure to use an umbrella when you are outdoors in summer to avoid heat stroke.

Drink Plenty Of Water To Prevent Dehydration:

Be sure to keep a water bottle with you when you go out. Since salt is excreted from the body during excessive sweating, mix salt and lemon juice in the water and drink that water repeatedly. This will solve the problem of sodium deficiency.

Put Seasonal Fruits In The Diet:

Summer fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, quince and mango should be added to the daily diet. It meets the body’s need for extra water and essential nutrients. It is advisable to stay away from having fatty and oily foods at this time.

Drink Fennel Water:

Fennel water is a very effective drink for controlling body temperature. You will definitely get the benefits of drinking this traditional drink on an empty stomach every morning in summer.

Eat Raw Onions To Combat The Effects Of Heatstroke:

Onions contain quercetin, a natural antihistamine compound, which is well known for preventing inflammatory problems of the skin. Raw onions are a great help in relieving rashes and hives on our skin caused by heat. Summer heat weakens our immune system. Regular consumption of raw onions keeps the digestive system healthy and active.

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