6 Gujarati breakfast dishes that you can make at home

Most of the Gujarati breakfast dishes double up as evening snacks

Gujaratis have a clear concept that they like their farsan or namkeen too much. It not only finds its way in the breakfast but can be taken up as evening snacks too accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or tea. Known as the land of khakras andtheplas, Gujarat has a lot of dishes that are too tasty to be left behind.

So we bring you a list of some Gujarati breakfast items that you can try at home:

Dabeli for the vada pav lovers

Dabeli, in literal terms, means pressed. This dish, which is said to have originated in the Kachchh region of Gujarat, is also known as Kutchi Dabeli or Double Roti. It is made with boiled potatoes which are then mixed with dabeli masala and topped with tamarind, garlic and red chillies. The entire mix is then put inside pavs or buns and served with a spicy chutney. Nonetheless, it is the best dish to start your day.

Handvo – a savoury cake 

Another delicious and healthy Gujarati breakfast dish, Handvo is made with an assortment of whole ingredients including bottle gourd, lentils and buttermilk. It is like a savoury cake that can be baked and stored. Once it needs to be eaten, it can be warmed with a tempering of curry leaves and mustard seeds before serving.

Batata Poha – The Gujarati version 

Poha is eaten all across the country, be it the Punjabi Chidwa or the Maharashtrian KandePohe, So Gujarat also has its version of Poha and it is made with rice flakes, ginger-garlic paste and boiled potatoes. It is then topped with Pomegranate seeds, tomatoes and sev, which makes it all the more delicious to eat.

Khaman Dhokla – A must have dish

Made with ground chana dal or besan, Khaman dhokla is soft and spongy and very easy to make at home. Definitely a must try for everyone.

Gujarati Pudla – Type of vegetarian omelette

Prepared with besan or chickpea flour, Pudla is like a soft and thin pancake with other ingredients like suji, green peppers, ginger, coriander and yoghurt. The preparation is just like that of an omelette and it is great for a vegetarian breakfast.

Panki – a quick and easy weekend breakfast dish 

Full of lovely flavours, Panki is a pancake which is made with rice flour and placed between banana leaves. It is then shallow-fried and then served with freshly made coriander chutney.

So what dishes have you tried yet?

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