6 Hot Chocolate Recipes For Kids

Win all kid’s heart by serving them these delicious homemade hot chocolate recipes that you can master in no time!

Kids and their love for chocolate go hand in hand, and with the holiday season approaching there is always a good time to prepare for them their favourite chocolate drink and soothe the sweet tooth. There is no one best way to serve the coco milk, and you can always add your own blending to make it your signature recipe that kids are going to wait in turns for! Here are the best ideas for making the steaming chocolate milk unique and delicious.

  1. The Good Old Chocolate Milk-

If you don’t like experimenting with the taste, you can always stick to the traditional cream and cocoa. Melt chocolate into milk and add a little sugar and vanilla essence into it. The cream on top can be used to garnish with extra cocoa powder, and your kids are going to be thrilled with it.

  1. Mexican Hot Chocolate-

The authentic Caliente is unique chocolate flavoured with cinnamon and spices. You can add chilli pepper and sauce up the taste of the warm dark chocolate drink even more. The drink might not be a favourite of the little ones, but it will surely be the perfect sweetener after dinner for a slumber party.

  1. Viennese Hot Chocolate-

The luscious hot drink is the ideal one you hold on to in cold winter evenings. The semi-sweet chocolate has a mix of stirring milk cream with chocolate and a bit of protein powder. The thick mixture is going to heat you up in no time and keep you full and snug.

  1. Spanish Hot Chocolate-

The national drink is no ordinary hot chocolate. The small and rich flavour is something you would love to sip in with your meals. The muddle of cornstarch, milk and cocoa powder makes it an ideal beverage to please the sweet tooth.

  1. El Submarino-

The Argentinian hot chocolate is simple warm milk churned in vanilla and sugar. Dunk a chunk of dark chocolate in the milk and see the swirl and it slowly bitters the taste. If you like it sugary, you can add marshmallow and wafer rolls in it.

  1. Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate-

A special treat for the lactose intolerant ones, you need to smart shop on dark chocolate that is vegan made. Add sugar and vanilla to it and put in soymilk to enjoy the perfect hot drink without the allergic reactions.

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