6 Secrets of Keeping Fruits and Vegetables Fresh For a Long Time

The absolute tricks to bestow a long life upon your fresh garden picks and keeping them juicy and nutritious for long.

When we buy fruits and veggies from the market, the only thought that strikes us is- how long will they stay fresh? We are terrified of the idea of rotten blotchy peels and softened pulp. Wish there was some trick to bestow a longer lifespan to them? Well, we will spill the beans for you. Here are some remarkable foolproof ways to keep your fruits garden-fresh and intact way longer than their usual rotting time!

  1. Hot Bath For The Berries-

When the glowing summer heat showers upon the earth, we get a surplus of luscious berries that we can’t fit in our refrigerator. Uneaten berries rot overnight, and the best way to prevent the onset of fungus is a hot bath! The process of thermography kills any spore of a fungus that may thrive on decaying berries.

  1. Tomatoes Should Be Out Of The Refrigerator-

One common mistake we do with tomatoes is storing them in the fridge, only to find wrinkled resin-like tomatoes the next day. The juicy tomatoes lose their moisture in cold storage and stay best in room temperature. If you are concerned about keeping the surplus intact in summer, line a bowl with paper towels and keep the stem side facing up.

  1. Wrap Up The Greens-

It’s best to consume leafy greens within a day or two from purchase, but in case you have to store them for future use, paper towels should do the trick. Wrap the unwashed leaves in a dry towel and then place them in plastic bags to retain their freshness for weeks.

  1. Ice Bath for Herbs And Lettuce-

You must have seen, some greens in your fridge seem to fade its colour after being left in the crisper for long. A two minutes cold bath will put them back to being green and turgid in no time.

  1. Refrigerate Ripe Bananas-

The most unpredictable ripe fruit in the world has to be a banana! One evening it’s slightly mature, and the next morning it’s brown with flies encircling them. Putting a banana in the fridge may make the peal turn brown quicker, but the inside will stay edible and spotless. To make it stay fresh even longer seal the banana in a plastic bag before putting it in the crisper.

  1. Freeze the Vegetables and Fruits-

You might think freezing will reduce the nutrition quotient in the fruit, but refrigerators only give them a longer life. It reduces the amount of wastage and blanching some fruits and vegetables will keep them fresh, just like new.

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