6 signs you are overly trusting

It’s like second nature to you.

For people who don’t trust people easily and keep themselves at a distance, they tend to keep themselves from getting hurt. Of course, in any relationship, not trusting people can lead to several problems. The same is true for overly trusting people. Being over trusting of people opens you up for people to take advantage of you. It is like a second nature to you. You don’t question their intentions and value people as you see them. You have a good heart and sometimes, poor judgement. Chances are if you are overly trusting, your close friends have told you not to trust people so easily.

So here are the signs that you are overly trusting of people.

You are surprised when people show their true colors

You get the biggest shock of your life when certain people start acting differently; meaning they are way too different from what you are familiar with. It comes as a shock when they show their true colors. Yours hopes are dashed because they ae not they were before.

You overshare

Oversharing is fine, as long you have known the person for a long time. If you are oversharing your life with people, you have just met, whether it’s a friend or a romantic interest, you are blindly trusting that person to keep your secrets. We all know how some people are, right?

You take people as they treat you

There hasn’t been too many occasions where you haven’t really tried to look behind the actions of people. It can sometime come off as naïve and sometimes you can come off as an idiot. If someone has wronged you and you accept their explanation without even thinking, chances are you are too trusting.

Your friends tell you so

How many times have you best friend told you that you are over trusting? That you are an idiot to always trust people? Well, your best friend knows you and she is probably right. It might be good to actually listen to her.

People love to take favors from you

This is a big red flag. But if you feel your friends always like to take you to places and have you pay, or like asking favor from you because they think you are super dependent guy but you can never ask the same from them, chances are you are too trusting.

You never ask questions

When you are too trusting, people walk all over you. You hear about people and their behavior but you always give them the benefit of the doubt.


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