7 Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong All Your Life

You must have been eating fruits and vegetables since you were a child, but there may be a different way to eat them that you are unaware of. Read on to know it all.

You have probably tried and given up on many foods out there because they are just too tough to chew. What if we said they aren't entirely to blame? The 'complicated deal' arises from how you are using them. To be sure, there are healthful methods to enjoy various foods. We have compiled a list of some common foods that most people have consumed their entire lives incorrectly.


The stem is not necessary to remove, so please don't waste your time. Instead, use the open end of a straw to push the food up and out of the bottom, leaving a more substantial serving on top.


No longer will you need to spend a lot of time manually extracting pomegranate seeds. Cutting the fruit in half and tapping both sides with the flat of a spoon can cause the roots to fall out, sparing your fingers the tedious task.


The ninth innovation is the lettuce wrap for tacos, which prevents the contents from falling out as you eat. To eat a taco with a shattered shell and all the fixings still in one piece, simply wrap a portion of green lettuce over it. Now is the time to savor every bite.

Ice Cream

Cutting into the frozen ice crème with a knife won't need you to channel your inner ninja. The ice cream container can be removed and dipped into boiling water for around 20 seconds. Then, flip the tub over onto a platter for easy slicing.


The hardest part of dealing with this fruit is probably removing its peel. Although, it doesn't mean Mother Nature is trying to prevent you from enjoying the many health advantages of this tasty fruit. It's up to your discretion how you use it, though. For instance, kiwi fruit has thick skin, and removing it might mean losing much of the fruit's content. To remove the thin skin covering, you might try slicing the fruit across its width and then peeling the pieces. Slice the fruit in half, then use a teaspoon to scoop out the flesh if you're too lazy to bother with the peel.


Like kiwis, avocados may be enjoyed by cutting them in half lengthwise, removing the pit, and eating the flesh with a spoon.


Cutting these tasty morsels by hand might be time-consuming, but here's a tip that may help. Gather all the tomatoes from the other side of the platter. A second plate should be placed on top and gently pressed down. Then, simply cut it open with a knife.