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7 underrated relationship tips for every couple

Nothing generic like “Never go to bed angry”

To navigate the tough waters of a fulfilling relationship, you might turn to your elders and friends for advice, or scroll through certified couple therapists social media. There are some things you might hear from many. Like “Clear communication works wonders” or “compromise is the key”. These are the oft-heard advice that don’t really stand out much.

Among the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, the downs hit harder. You might feel like calling it quits. Relationship advice flow like water since everyone seems to think they have a grasp on relationships. But their advice comes forth from a specific problem, during a specific part of their relationship. Like the common relationship tip “Never go to bed angry” cannot really apply to a couple who needs to have a good night’s sleep to go to work the next day.

Modern relationships need modern solutions, So here are 7 underrated relationship tips for a healthy love life.

Feeling bored is common and usually is a sign to put in some effort

It is common for couples to experience boredom in a relationship. It is a lull time when your partner seems bleh and the relationship boring. Use this time to actually spice up the relationship to make it thrive. Feeling bored is common and not a sign that the relationship has run its course.

Regularly trying new things together is a bonding experience

To get rid of the boredom, trying new experiences together benefits the couple It may be something as small as trying a new restaurant every week or going on adventure sport together. Anything fun, exciting and new to share between couples to spark things up.

It is healthy to spend time apart

Like how many couples do you know who always do and go places together. When having a life apart from the romantic relationship, partner get happiness from other places which makes relationships less stressful.

Handle bedroom problems head on

Nobody likes having issues in the bedroom It is embarrassing and over time partner might want different things. It’s best to communicate clearly and seek professional help than let bedroom problem create relationship problems

Work through family challenges

There will always be family drama that annoys you. But instead of talking down your or your partner’s family, try to see things from their perspective and communicate to set boundaries.

Avoid bringing living together issues into the relationship

If you live in with your partner, fighting over how messy they are or them not doing dishes seems petty. Those seem like something roommates would fight about. Learn to separate roommate issues out of the relationship.