8 Quick Power Breakfast Options To Kickstart Your Day

A healthy and filling breakfast can have the potential to give you an ideal start to your day. It gives your body the energy required to get through the entire day.

Indian food options contain delicious and flavourful regional dishes. From South India’s famous uttapam, idli, and poha to North India paranthas, and cheelas, there are many nutritious Indian recipes that will make your mornings more enjoyable than ever.

Here are some recipes that are not just delicious but also simple to prepare and hassle-free.


Let’s begin the list with the most loved breakfast of all time: Poha. It is light, filling, and simple to prepare; it is a well-known breakfast staple found all over the country. The best part is that it can be prepared in numerous ways. Kanda poha, soya poha, Indoripoha, Nagpur Tari Poha are a few examples.


A quintessential South Indian Breakfast! It is made with protein-rich urad dal and semolina, and topped with crunchy curd and vegetables; this recipe can be an excellent breakfast. And with some coconut grated over the top, it imparts the perfect south-Indian taste.

Moong Dal Cheela

A staple in Indian households, the moong dal can be utilized in many Indian dishes. One of these is moong daalcheela. It is also possible to include paneer in this recipe to increase its nutritional content and make it even more protein-rich.


Idli is light, nutritious, and satisfying to the core; this is the reason it’s the most popular breakfast choice to get you started on the right foot. Idli is an excellent accompaniment to coconut chutney and sambar, and you’ll have a tasty breakfast in no time.

Mix Vegetable Paratha

Vegetable parathas will surely provide you with the right balance of nutrition and deliciousness! Serve it with dahi or chutney or achaar, and you’ll be enjoying a super healthy breakfast.


Uggani, also known as vaganni or buganni is an upma, is among the most simple recipes to prepare. To prepare the nutritious and tasty uggani, it will require puffed rice, a bowl of hot water, roasted gram dal and spicy spices. Consume it with buttermilk or filter coffee.


A Gujarati delicious delicacy! It’s soft and crumbly. It is also packed with the freshness of methi leaves and spices, and besan. Steam the muthia instead of cooking it to have a nutritious and satisfying breakfast.

Banana Almond Porridge

If you think you do not have the time to prepare an item, try this breakfast recipe made with Oats, Chia seeds, dates, bananas, milk, and nuts. It is a perfect breakfast in one pot dish that is packed with nutrients. It keeps you full all day.

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