8 Simple Salad Recipes To Make At Home

Toss your favourite vegetables and mix them with the perfect sauce to make a wholesome salad to fit in as a perfectly healthy meal.

Making a salad can be more than just a cakewalk, and if not done well, it might feel like munching leaves. Having the precise recipe and technique can make you turn your garden-fresh veggies into a work of art, which will be cherished by everyone. The three rules to follow are- one, keep your greens washed well. Two, do not overdress your salad. Three,serve your salad chilled to retain its fresh crunch. Turning your healthy diet into something yummy, here are 8 salad recipes that you can quickly master at home.

  1. Panzanella-

The main ingredients of bread and tomatoes mulched into a salad is something you would enjoy in the summer months. The ingredients are easy to find and dressing them up with mustard sauce can make you want to finish the whole plate by yourself.

  1. Watermelon, Olive And Feta Salad-

The ideal salad to munch in summers, the cheese and olives garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds stands out. It is something you must bring to your garden to munch fresh.

  1. Carrot Salad-

When dressing a salad, you can never go too wrong. Dress your thin chopped carrot slices into the grape dressing and the sweet and tangy taste in your mouth is going to go perfectly with your meal.

  1. Potato Salad-

Potato never disappoints us no matter what the dish is. The cola flavoured sauce to mix in essence is something you would love to have with baked and smashed potatoes.

  1. Cabbage And Soybean Salad-

If you want a salad to trim down your weight, get a cabbage chopped right way! The mesh of soy balls mixed in the green leafy veggie is what you need to fill yourself with vitamin and proteins.

  1. Noodle Salad-

Mix a few soy noodles chilled and served with curry leaf garnish. If you want to add an Indian feel to it, mix turmeric coriander and mustard sauce to give you the instant spice up.

  1. Cucumber, Mint And Olive Salad-

The chunky cucumber slices are what we always look for in a salad! The cherry toppings, tomatoes and black olive sauce garnishing are what makes your green and red salad plate stand out.

  1. Caesar Salad-

The mix of creamy toppings over crunchy vegetable chunks is what you need to soothe your salad cravings. Try whipped butterfat topping and decorate it with pomegranate seeds to make your slaw taste sweet and wholesome at the same time.

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