A guide to group text etiquette.

Group texting is a great way to talk to a bunch of people and make plans or have any discussion. Its time saving and a great way to be in touch with friends, family, or acquittances. But one has to follow certain protocols so that no one has a bad experience in the group. Here are some group text etiquettes to remember.

Don’t form a sub-group or talk to one person

No one appreciates one-on-one conversation in a group. In case you want to connect with someone personally, do it in a private chat rather than bothering or annoying the whole group.

Never text bomb

No one appreciates 20 or 30 notifications just because they are in a group chat. No one should merely add noise to the group but should focus on easy responses and be direct. Someone who is always forwarding messages, or sending too many irrelevant messages is avoided.

Stay involved

No one appreciates a group member who is silent 90 percent of the time. You need not be in a hyper-mode and participate in every single conversation, but if you have joined a group for a reason at least participate as need be. And never keep group notifications silent.

Don’t initiate a conversation at odd hours

Imagine you are trying to sleep at night and your phone is vibrating non-stop. You don’t want to be labeled as a group member who always initiates a conversation at odd hours and then doesn’t get the needed participation. Late afternoon or early evening is a good time to initiate a conversation when people are relatively relaxed and more likely to participate.

Stick to the topic

Any group is formed with a goal in mind and group texting should serve that goal instead of being mindless. You can’t always be casual, sending funny pictures or messages, or catching up on your day in a group. Make sure you have a purpose and the message you are sending addresses that purpose.

Don’t dominate a conversation

This is another big no! When the group is discussing a topic, allow everyone to participate and share opinions rather than hijacking the conversation. Also, let the conversation reach an end before moving to another topic; it gets confusing for everyone if someone suddenly talks about another subject.

A group conversation flows seamlessly if everyone follows this simple yet effective group etiquette and lets everyone contribute.

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