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Anime and Japanese culture: 5 ways Japan has reached out to the world through its creative realm

Japan has managed to use anime as a platform to reach out to the world and promote its unique cultural heritage!

Japan has always been a hub of creativity. Be it art, technology, or entertainment, Japanese culture is widely admired for its uniqueness and diversity. One such facet that has gained popularity worldwide is anime. Anime, a term that refers to the animation style developed in Japan, has emerged as a powerful tool for promoting Japanese culture globally. Here are five ways in which Japan has reached out to the world through its creative realm of anime:

Showcasing Japanese Mythology

Japanese mythology is known for its intricate details, unique creatures, and colourful stories. Japan has been successful in showcasing its mythological characters such as Kitsune (fox spirits), Tengu (goblins), and Oni (demons) in various anime. Anime such as Naruto and Inuyasha portray the richness of Japanese mythology, helping people from different parts of the world understand the beauty and intricacies of Japanese culture.

Creating Cultural Landmarks

Anime such as Your Name and Akira have put Japanese landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and Akihabara Electric Town in the spotlight. Fans from around the world now know about these landmarks, their significance, and their contribution to Japanese culture. Such recognition not only helps Japan attract tourists but also instills pride in Japanese citizens for their cultural heritage.

Promotion of Japanese Fashion

Japanese fashion is known for its uniqueness and versatility. Japan has used anime as a platform to showcase its fashion sense to the world. Anime characters such as L from Death Note and Sora from Kingdom Hearts have inspired people worldwide to dress up in cosplay attire and attend various conventions. Japan has managed to put itself on the map as a fashion destination through its anime characters.

Encouraging Learning

Anime such as Ouran High School Host Club and Great Teacher Onizuka portray the education system in Japan and the cultural and social expectations that students are held to. This unique and informative aspect of Japanese culture presented through anime helps non-Japanese students better understand the education system and customs in Japan.

Japanese Hospitality

Japan is known for its hospitality, warmth, and welcoming nature. Anime such as A Silent Voice, The Eccentric Family, and Sweetness and Lightning beautifully capture these elements. Anime has helped portray Japan as a country that is hospitable, caring, and accepting. It has also given non-Japanese viewers a glimpse into Japanese traditions such as Ochugen and Oseibo and the importance of hospitality in Japan.