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Are you into film posters? Here are the most innovative posters in the history of the medium!

Film posters are one of the main ways in which a motion picture is promoted!

A film is remembered for many things, such as its performances, the story, or even the craft. However, one of the things that have the greatest impact on an audience, even on a subconscious level, are film posters. It is one of the most important factors influencing the long-term success of a film. Ardent cinephiles also tend to have a collection of film posters, as apart from being advertisements, they are also works of art. The impact of the film poster has reduced due to other avenues of promotion now, but it was once one of the principal ways of promoting a film.


Vertigo is perhaps one of the finest films made by visionary director Alfred Hitchcock. The legendary stature of the motion picture is unquestionable, and it is one of those rare works that are immortalised in the history of cinema. Other than the brilliant high-contrast colour cinematography by Robert Burks and awe-inspiring performances from its leads Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, the film has a lot to offer. Its poster is stunning, which was designed by legendary graphic designer Saul Bass. The poster's innovative style fully conveys the mysterious essence of the narrative.

Mean Streets

Before Martin Scorsese became a household name, he was perfecting his iconic trademarks with films like Mean Streets. The motion picture features all of the future greats of cinema, including actors like Harvey Keitel and, of course, Robert De Niro! Today, Mean Streets stands as one of the most well-liked works in the filmography of Martin Scorsese. An added bonus to this feature film is the poster, which appropriately personifies the entire vibe of the narrative and also matches the energy of the film. Stephane Bielikoff designed the timeless poster for this movie.

Bicycle Thieves

One of the most important films of the 'Italian Neorealist' movement, directed by Vittorio De Sicca. The motion picture's significance and subsequent impact on world cinema are beyond measure. The screenplay of the film was written by Cesare Zavattini, who was also one of the principal figures of the 'Italian Neorealist movement.  The poster of the film also embodies the spirit and aesthetic of the narrative and was designed by Ercole Brini.


Perhaps the first science fiction in the medium, Metropolis by Fritz Lang, is about a dystopian future where human beings are robbed of their rights and the world moves towards automation. The poster features the head of a robot and is famous for its unique text and design.