Published By: Rinks

Battlegrounds Mobile India: 7 Features That Stand Out From PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new mobile game sensation that is outgrowing the PUBG fever. Let’s look at how it promises to be a better fit for the Indian mobile gaming demands.

If you are a person who has a good grip over mobile gaming, the news of the availability of Battlegrounds mobile indeed urged you to look up more. The early access version made its way through the open beta testing program. It has a lot in common with PUBG regarding interface, maps, and weapons. However, it is different in a lot of other aspects. New players are welcomed with a tutorial designed to help them get the hang of the game. In this process, they learn about the mechanics of weapon selection, add-ons, and switching. Read on to know the few features in the game that distinguish it from other viral mobile games.

Finishes Have Replaced The Term ‘Kills.’

Extreme violence appears to be minimized in Battlegrounds Mobile India, at least from what we can tell. When a player dies, the game will indicate “Finishes” instead of “Kills.” Teammates finishing other players receive the same type of messages.

No Red, Only Green

You will no longer see red marks when you land hits or are damaged in Battlegrounds Mobile India. As a result, the only color options available to you will be green and yellow. Again, it appears that this was done to make the game seem “less violent.” For example, no dead bodies fall from the sky, and killing (finishing) a character turns them into a clump of green leaves.

In-Game Virtual Reminders

To protect the game’s younger users, the game now has prompts telling you that it takes place in the virtual world and not to get carried away with what is happening on the screen.

Clothed From The Beginning

Even players who are new to the game will be able to choose from a variety of clothing options in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is a good change from other games where you enter the game through a character with minimal clothing.

A New Gameplay Management System

Players are now prompted to check one’s posture and surroundings thanks to a new gameplay management system. As a result, players can remain more cognizant of their environment while still having fun.

It Is Age-Restricted

When the game begins, a new pop-up window will ask if the player is over 18. Time restrictions and lack of access to the game will be put in place if you don’t adhere to the game’s rules, which include a minimum age limit. This can be altered in the game’s main menu, but it is tricky and won’t be easily accessed by a child.