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Best Acts in Britian’s Got Talent( Over the Years!)

Having been aired for almost 15 years, Britain’s Got Talent has produced some of the most creative unique acts. While these are countless, here are some of the most memorable blind auditions!

Bars and Melody – Charlie Lenehan and LeondreDevies created one of the most iconic moments on Britain’s Got Talent when they auditioned in 2014 with a rap about anti-bullying. The lyrics were utterly meaningful. Both the boys with their style, the rhythm, their charisma and the song itself, which was based on personal experience, brought the audience to their feet. They received a golden buzzer from judge Simon Cowell, and received a much-deserved standing ovation! 

Performance of This is Me by Sign Along with Us– In 2020, perhaps one of the most moving auditions was seen in the history of the entire show. A group called Sign Along With Us is an inclusive group of children who sing through sign language. The group revolves around a boy, Christian who has trouble communicating. However, his family formed this group for everyone, to participate. With a sense of melody, but also a very organized yet creative choreography, this group performed, the song, “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Everybody in the audience was moved to tears by this heart-warming performance. The song was a perfect choice and appealed to everyone, with the message of inclusivity. Judge, David Walliams awarded the performance with a golden buzzer!

Talking Dog– Ventriloquist Marc Metral from Paris provided one of the most hilarious performances, by initiating a hilarious combination with his adorable, white furry dog. Both on the stage engage in a hilarious conversation, making the audience roar with laughter. Though dog-oriented performances are a popular feature in BGT, this one is one of the most memorable!

Disco Dogs– This is probably one of the most comical auditions ever. Done as a surprise, by Ant, Dec, and Stefan the three presenters of BGT, it involved three of them dressing up like dogs and dancing to music. The concept was simple but so engaging. The audience was on their feet and it was one of the most enjoyable auditions.  

Other than this, many of them are worthy of mention including Loren Allred’s magnificent rendition of Never Enough, Nabil Abulrashid’s comedy, FaythIfil, Issy Simpson’s magic, and Diversity’s beautiful choreographed dances, and music by Susan Boyle, Connie Talbot, Alice Fredenham amongst others! So which one is your favorite?

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