Best Homemade Baby Food Recipes

The Days Of Worrying About Feeding Your Baby, Are Over

The health of the baby is always a concern of his/her mother. Especially after the age of 6 months, he/she is worried about what can be fed that will fill their stomachs and provide them with plenty of nutrition. When the baby starts weaning after six months, he/she needs to be given some foods that are readily available in the market, with vitamins A and C and adequate amounts of protein and fibre.  Always keep in mind, processed foods are strictly prohibited for the babies of that period. Let’s know about some homemade baby foods.

Baby Food Using Bananas

Banana is an essential food known as ‘All-Perfect’ and is rich in fibre and potassium and so suitable for the baby’s stomach. Depending on your baby’s eating capacity, you can take some portions of banana and grind them by hand. You can add a little less condensed milk which is absolutely optional.  But remember, eating as much banana as you need can cause constipation again.

Baby Food Using Atta

Children of this age should be made accustomed to feeding bread. Bread contains carbohydrates and adequate amounts of protein that children can easily digest. Take a small amount of bread in a bowl and mix it well with water and add milk as an extra and feed it to the baby.

Baby Food Using Peas

Peas are a highly developed and high quality food for baby health which contains vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. Since babies have to be fed everything liquid, make sure that the pea paste is not too hard. If necessary, add more water and melt the food.

Baby Food Using Avocado

This element from nature is also very beneficial for children. This food helps to stimulate the baby’s brain and physical development. In addition, avocado has a special quality that its texture is so beautiful and delicate that children do not cry when eating it.

Baby Food Using Carrots

Infants like carrots very much because of their sweet taste. Carrots also contain vitamin A and lots of antioxidants which improve the health of the baby. Finely chop the carrots and add a little salt to enhance the taste and make sure that the texture is flexible.

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