Best time to date after a breakup

Saying no to rebound relationships

It is tough to get back into dating after a breakup. Breakups are never easy, whether it was mutual or one-sided. Jumping on the dating scene right after a breakup might be advised but rebounds rarely helps, especially if you had a long relationship.

Figuring out how long to wait before starting to date again. Some of your social circles might have already planned to set you up with the best single person they know. Some might ask you to wait at least 3 months to heal yourself. But ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to get back on the dating game right away or wait.

If the relationship was long and meant a lot to you, you will need time to actually heal from the heart break, getting over your ex before you can start dating again. If the breakup came as a relief, you will be ready to fate again soon. Prioritizing what the relationship meant to you and how you feel after the breakup is deciding factor how soon you can date after a breakup.

Here’s when you know you are ready to date again.

You took time to learn about yourself and heal

You have taken time to grieve and heal from the breakup. This period differs from person to person depending on the how the relationship was. So if you have taken time to grieve and heal you are in a good spot.

You are enjoying your own company

No longer are feeling the empty space the relationship left. Your life feels whole on its own and you are enjoying your time as single. A good sign that you are ready to date again.

No longer looking for a reconciliation

You are no longer checking your phone to see if your ex has texted. No longer are you waiting for a call, a text that calls for getting back together.

You don’t compare potential dates with your ex

You appreciate dates as individuals and not taking notes how different or how similar they are to your ex. No longer are you nostalgic about your ex.

You have accepted your faults and flaws and trying to be better

The faults and flaws that were pointed out during the breakup, if any, does not make you bitter. You have accepted them and worked on them for a significant time to be the best version of yourself.

You know you can be a good partner

Deep down you are positive, you have healed, are happy and can be a good partner without any past relationship issues holding you back.


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