Best Travel Foods for Babies and Toddlers

Have a trip planned, but too worried about what your little one can eat? Don’t worry, with this food list, you will have everything under control, mommies and daddies!

Planning baby food when travelling shouldn’t make you sweat. In fact, if you know what to get for your LO, it will be an amazing experience for your family. If your baby has already started eating solids, you can actually feed him finger foods right from your plate. For those babies who are new to eating solids, it may take a little more preparation.

Solid Foods

There are tons of easy solid foods such as avocados, bananas, and buttered bread that you can easily buy wherever you are. Other foods like cereals or ready-to-eat meals can be packed in your luggage or even your carry-on. While you may be tempted to prepare and carry all homemade baby food for the little one, keep in mind that pre-made food will last longer and will be easier to travel with. If your child isn’t eating finger foods yet, you can carry a hand crank food mill or masher to grind up fresh foods for your baby.

Don’t be stressed if your baby refuses to eat as much as he does at home. Its quite a normal response to unfamiliar environments. However, ensure your little one stays hydrated. You can give him coconut water if he is above 6 months.

Here are some foods to feed your baby while travelling:

Easy to mash fruits that don’t require cooking – such as mangoes, bananas, avocado, and berries.

If you can get food cooked, opt for soft vegetables such as peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

You can also give him cooked pasta, shredded cheese, toast strips, and well cooked non-veg options.

If your little one has started consuming dairy, Greek yoghurt is a great option.

For road trips with your baby, you can pack a cooler with frozen homemade purees.

Do some research about your destination. It will help you determine if baby food is easily available or not.

Here are some tips for feeding your baby food while on vacation:

High Chairs – These are lifesavers. Either carry your own portable travel high chair, or opt for restaurants that provide one.

Be prepared for a mess – Most of the food you are feeding the baby will end up on the floor. Put towels or sheets underneath the chair where your baby is eating. You can carry a plastic tablecloth as well.

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