Best Types Of Dosa To Try On Your Trip To South India

Whichever part of India you come from, the true taste of Dosa can only be experienced in South India.

There are so many delectable South Indian dishes to choose from but nothing beats the humble dosa. What’s even better is that dosa comes in so many varieties that it becomes a task to choose from among them. You can have them for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever you feel like. Moreover, they are extremely healthy. The varieties in dosa are created in the type of batters, types of fillings and the types of sides that they come with. Nonetheless,, to get the authentic taste of dosa you must visit South India and the varieties you will find there will blow your mind. Here are the best types of dosas for you to try when you are in South India.


Moving beyond the plain or masala dosa, try the ravadosa. Rava is semolina or more commonly known as sooji. As the name of the dosa indicates, this dosa is made of rava or semolina. The dosa batter is made of semolina, rice flour as well as wheat flour that give the dosa a unique taste flavour. You can add tomatoes or chillies or any filling of your choice to make the dosa interesting or even simply have it as plain ravadosa. Either way, it tastes delicious.


The neerdosa is a famous Soutn Indian dosa variety you will have a hard luck trying to find it anywhere else in India. It is simple and yet delicious. Moreover, the neerdosa is very easy to make and takes literally no time to be prepared because there’s no fermentation involved in the cooking process. The dosa made is by simply soaking rice for a few hours and tghen grinding the rice and forming the batter to make the dosas. These dosas are usually served with coconut chutney, peanut chutney and sambar.


Pohadosa, also known as atukuladosa is a very popular breakfast in Andhra Ptradesh. This type of dosa is made from poha or flattened rice. The poha is soaked and fermented for a few hours in buttermilk for a few hours and then turned into the batter. This makes the doisa extremely soft, spongy and porus. Pohadosa, also known as avaldosa can be had with sambar, coconut chutney and podi.

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