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Best Virtual reality games that are too good to be true

Are you a fan of gaming?

If yes, then do you like games that go above and beyond?

If virtual reality is your thing, then we have got just the best list games for you to try

Read on…

Virtual reality is not a new concept and it definitely is not getting off the market anytime soon. Be it in the Metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg created or even in several new-age games, virtual reality has become a very popular concept among the masses. Everyone wants to feel that extra edge that gives them the adrenaline pump while gaming or while simple exploring the virtual realm. If you’re a virtual reality user looking for the best VR games that seem too good to be true, we have got you covered. This list comprises of some of the very well-made immersive VR games that any gamer would be excited to get their hands on. Read on…

Minecraft VR

Which gaming list has ever been complete without this legendary classic game being added? While Minecraft absolutely needs no introduction, many do not know that this game has a VR version too! You can do all the same things like digging, foraging, exploring and fighting like the normal game but even better!

Half-Life: Alyx 

Arguably one of the best VR games of all time, gamers who have played Half-Life will know that this series can never go wrong. In this particular game, everything is designed for VR thus obviously making it more immersed and immaculate. From solving puzzles to engaging in gun fights, this game will definitely not disappoint you.

Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Another classic game, which was even turned into a series, ia also available for all the VR lovers out there. But people who have played the normal game will know that this VR version of the game is a completely different experience. While the base actions and gameplay are all the same, the adrenaline will run higher as you run around the city being the sole survivor and fighting for your life!

Lone Echo

This one is for you if you are a fan of character-driven storyline-heavy games. This adventure game is exceptional when it comes to graphics and VR controls. You will indeed feel present on the spaceship and going through the story along with your character. Make sure to get yourself a good VR headset to play all of these games!

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