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Breads from across the world! From baguettes to bagels, here’s everything about loafs in fashion

From Hokkaido's Soft Japanese Milk Bread to Sourdough bread varieties, we have all the dough.

Although bread baking is an incredibly complex and popular art and science, it is often considered too humble for food enthusiasts to give it much recognition.

We aim to educate you about the various facets of bread so that we can better understand its origins, how it is made, the key ingredients, and what makes it so desirable. In addition to being able to identify the type of bread that's right for you, we also have the necessary nutritional information to make informed decisions.


One of the most popular types of bread is sourdough, which is made from bacteria and yeast that are naturally found in flour. Unlike other types of bread, this one doesn't contain yeast, milk, or oils. It's also a healthier alternative to regular yeast. The three components of sourdough are flour, water, and salt. The absence of commercial yeast makes it a slightly sweet and chewy bread.


A French baguette, which is a long, thin loaf of bread, is a staple in most French meals. It's also known to have a luxury bag named after it, which is called the Fendi Baguette. Usually made from fermenting overnight, this type of bread goes up to around five to six centimeters in size. It has slits on both sides to ensure a crisp outer and soft interior.


Another popular French bread that's commonly made is the brioche, which is a soft and sweet bread that's made from enriched dough. This type of bread pairs well with savory and sweet dishes. It's usually made with a combination of flour, yeast and a rising agent


A popular flat bread that's made from a similar dough to a pizza is the Italian style known as the focaccia, which is typically made from the Liguria region of Italy. It's thick and has a light crust, and it's often filled with herbs and seasoning. The method used to make this bread is similar to that of pizza dough, and it requires a long period of time to rise. It's then baked until golden brown and often served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Japanese Hokaidoo

If you're looking for a soft and flavorful bread that's made from a combination of milk and flour, then the Japanese are the ones to consider. In their roux starter known as "tangzhong," the milk, flour, and water are combined to create a paste-like substance. This method is then combined with the final dough to create tender dinner rolls.