Chakra inspired tips to improve digestion

The alignment is necessary for a smooth and healthy functioning of the body

A Sanskrit word, Chakra means wheel and in the context of the human body, chakras are the various focal points used in ancient meditation practices. The concept of chakras was found in the early traditions of Hinduism as the wheels of energy, or Prana (life force) in our bodies. According to the ancient text, there are seven chakras in the human body, and one of them the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the Third Chakra, or the Navel Chakra or Manipura is associated with our digestive system.

Located above the navel up to the breastbone, Manipura is responsible for the digestive system or the digestive fire otherwise known as Agni. The Navel Chakra is an important source of self-esteem and personal power. Therefore to keep this chakra flowing we need to promote healthy digestion, kidney function, self-esteem, and a good sense of control. But if there is a blockage in this chakra, the energy won’t flow. The blockage is due to our erratic eating, sleeping, and exercising lifestyle which affects the digestive system causing irritable bowel, heartburn, and gas. So while you are here, read on to find some tips for solar plexus chakra healing.

Keep your digestive fire active and open by drinking warm or room temperature beverages.  Avoid overeating and stick to smaller portions while staying away from spicy foods. Also, no alcohol, soda, and take small sips of water while eating.

Find a quiet place to meditate and engage with your Manipura. During meditation put your hand right above your belly button and close your eyes. Thinking of the areas we are struggling with and notice how your solar plexus reacts as you think of this. An unpleasant feeling is not good, acknowledge it and vice versa.

Use aromatherapy by burning Manipura incense and essential oils like saffron, musk, sandalwood, ginger, and cinnamon. Aromatherapy has the power to awaken the sense of personal power.

Start repeating positive affirmations on personal power. Either out loud, in your head, or by writing, help reverse the negative thought patterns replacing them with constructive ones. Try this: As I take on new challenges, I feel calm, confident, and powerful.
I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.
I am ambitious and capable.
I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them.
I have the courage to create positive change in my life.

Practice yoga postures with mindful breathing. It will not only help in enhancing and balancing the solar plexus chakra, but will also help in releasing physical, mental, and emotional tension. Try warrior pose, Sun salutations, and Boat pose.

Most importantly, heal from your past. Let go!

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