Check Out: The Most Colourful Destinations of the World

Nature is full of astonishing destinations that can leave anyone spell-bound. Out of all these, the most stunning are the natural wonders that are enveloped in different hues. From a simple rainbow at Victoria Falls in Zambia to Peru’s Rainbow Mountains, wherever your wanderlust takes you, be sure to capture and keep them with you for eternity.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru

The Montaña de Siete Colores or the Mountain of Seven Colors, is one of the most visited destinations in Peru. More than 1500 people visit the mountains everyday during the peak season. The rainbow look of the mountain is revealed as the surrounding snow starts to melt. The varied colours on the mountain appear as a result of the water mixing with minerals in the ground. China also houses a similar mountain range.

Caño Cristales River in La Macarena, Colombia

Also known as the “River of Five Colours,” this colourful river in Colombia is every nature lover’s dream come true. As the light and water conditions change, one can witness colours like purple, red, yellow and bright green underneath the water. This magical natural phenomena occurs because of the macarenia clavigera plant which changes colours with the depth of the water.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona

A national monument spread over 280,000-acre, this place seems to be from another world. Coloured sedimentary formations flanked by towering cliffs and slot canyons can be found across the regions of this site. However, you need to be well prepared as some areas here require permissions to visit.

Seven Colored Earths, Mauritius

Found near the Chamarel Village in Mauritius, these sand dunes depicting blended hues have marveled visitors for long. This geographical wonder has been formed after volcanic rock turned into clay, bringing together various elements that come forth as a swirl of colours. The shades of red, violet, blue, brown, green, yellow and purple can be seen settled amidst each other, posting a truly awe-inspiring picture.

Remarkable Rocks, Australia

Located in the Flinders Chase National Park in the Kangaroo Island, the Remarkable Rocks have been formed as a result of environmental impact that took place over 500 million years.  The orange-brown hued rocks here get their colour from a sunlight-reflecting fungus and algae organism. One can also witness other colours here, such as black mica, bluish quartz, and pinkish feldspar.

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