Child Labour in Our Society

The darkest part of society, the Child labour

Children are the future of a society. But the tendency to make a profit by relying on those children has now become a major problem in the society. We are unknowingly or unwittingly pushing poor children to the brink of grave danger, at great cost to them and to society. We need to be aware of them immediately.

Children Are Falling into Physical and Mental Illness

Especially children from poor families are forced to participate in child labour to give financial support to their family. In many cases, these families do not have the means to provide proper food for those children. As a result, those child labourers often suffer from malnutrition and various physical ailments at an early age.

Even do you know that children who are exploited by child labor suffer from depression and anxiety and in most cases tend to be intoxicated. Wherever they go to work, they are not given the love, respect and dignity they deserve. As a result, an inferiority complex comes to them and they suffer from dissociative, panic and stress disorders. For this reason hyperactivity or post-traumatic stress disorder take place in them.

Amount of Child Labour in India

There are approximately 60 million child labourers in India who play a significant role in the Indian manufacturing system.This amount has been increasing year by year. Children are deprived of education and sports and are not developing their talents to go for employment. As a result, instead of being educated and skilled citizens, they are becoming cheap workers. Despite efforts by the Indian government to raise awareness, the rate of child labor has not yet been reduced to a minimum. Due to the closure of schools and midday mills in Covid 19 situation, many children have dropped out of school and become child labourers who have no future.

What We Should Do

Do you know that the U.N. is taking aggressive steps to stop child labour? So wherever you see child labourers on the roadside, do not turn away. According to Article 24 of the Indian Constitution, it is an illegal offence to employ a child under the age of fourteen to any workplace. So if you see child labour in front of your eyes, immediately contact with police. Help financially and voluntarily through N.G.O.s that bring child labourers back into the mainstream and provide them with education and sports opportunities. It is our duty to see that not a single child loses their childhood in the future.

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