Childhood movies that one can always go back to

Childhood movies probably stay with us the longest owing to the sheer number of times, that we have seen them. Many of them, we have seen to the extent that we knew every single dialogue or song. The best thing, however, is that no matter how well we know the plot, the songs, or the dialogues, these are still a joy to get back to!

Sound of Music

Produced and directed by Robert Wise, this film is probably one of the most beloved timeless classics that one can come across. Starring the wonderful Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, this movie is about the Seven Von Trapp Children, who are headed by a strict father, Captain Von Trapp( played by Plummer) who insists on running his house like his ship in the army, after the death of his wife. However, they are visited by a governess, Maria, who brings back laughter, music, love, and happiness into the house, eventually outdoing the formidable atmosphere within the house. Not only does the film have beautiful music that makes you want to sing along, but everything from the actors(the two leads and all the 7 children), the plot, the romance of the Captain and Maria, and the moving end, make this the perfect movie!

Mary Poppins

This is another childhood favorite, which stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Made in 1964 by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney, this is about a governess who comes to a house to take care of two mischievous Banks children. This film contains beautiful sequences, catchy music, excellent acting, and eventually a touching end!

Parent Trap

Made in 1998, this film is about two identical twins (played by Lindsey Lohan), Hallie and Annie. Though they were separated at birth, after their parents divorced each other, they met again at a summer camp, where they reunited and decided to hatch a plot to get their parents back together. What ensues is a hilarious series of mishaps, exchanging of places between the two, and eventually a very endearing conclusion!

Dunston Checks In

Made in 1996, this film is one of the cutest movies ever. An Orangutan, Dunston, who belongs to an evil thief has arrived at the hotel and befriends the son of the hotel manager. Ultimately, they manage to expose a series of evil events within the hotel! This movie is hilarious as well as extremely cute!

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