Chilli Oil: Reasons It Is An Addictive Condiment

Call it chilli oil or chilli crisp, you will be hot for it!

You know what’s the secret to Asian cuisine being so tasty that it blows your mind? It’s chilli oil. If you love spice in your food and if you love it hot, chances are you are familiar with how chilli oil can entirely change any dull food for you. Chilli oil is a versatile condiment and it literally goes with everything. Here are a few reasons why people find chilli oil so addictive!

Let’s Talk Science First

Well, before we get into all the good praises about chilli oil, let’s first figure out why do people find chilli oil physically irresistible (we’re talking about the people who can take the heat in the food). Inherently, chilli itself is an addictive ingredient. It is because the heat from the chilli sends your body into a defence mode against the heat and the pain. This in turn results in the release of endorphins and we love endorphins! By that logic, chilli oil too causes in the release of endorphins and if you are too much of a spicy heat lover, chances are you will end up getting addicted to it!

Chilli Oil Can Compliment Any Dish

You name a dish, and chilli oil will go perfectly with it. Believe it or not, some experimental food makers even pair ice cream flavours with chilli oil to create balance by cutting the sweetness of the ice cream. Of course, Asian cuisine is the one where not using chilli oil as a condiment could be considered a crime, but besides that, you can use chilli oil with any cuisine. You can use it with pasta, pizza, salad, in your sandwich –whatever and however you want it. Chilli oil is the one versatile ingredient that you will never get tired of!

Chilli Oil Lifts The Flavour Profile Of Food

The reason behind why a simple drizzle of chilli oil can make such a divine difference to your food is because of the oomph it brings with it. Use chilli oil as a condiment for any food with dull flavours and it will instantly lift the taste up. That is because chilli oil brings with it a big bold punch of flavour. Adding just a tiny bit of chilli oil to any bland or dull flavours immediately puts life into the food flavour profile.

Urbee Sarkar

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