Clever Ways To Cook Instant Noodles

Amen to these new and creative ways of using ramen!

Instant noodles is easiest way to make your tummy happy! From children to the adults, people across all age groups love digging their face into a bowl of delicious instant noodles. They are quick, fun and hassle free. These little packets of deliciousness come in various flavour and are celebrated in almost all countries across the world. That being said, there are a few interesting and clever ways in which you can use instant noodles rather than just cooking them up in boiling water with the little pouch of sauce maker that comes with it. Here are a few clever and creative ways in which you can use instant noodles.

Turn Them Into Breadcrumbs

One clever and unique way to use a packet of instant noodles is to turn the uncooked ramen into breadcrumbs or rather replacing breadcrumbs with them. All you have to do is take the raw and uncooked instant noodles and put them in a food processer. Add some stale bread with your choice of seasonings and herbs into the food processer as well. Hit the food processor’s button and watch your instant noodles being turned into breadcrumbs.

Make Burger Buns Out Of The Instant Noodles

This may come as a surprise, but you can use instant noodles as a replacement for your OG burger buns. When you boil and cook your ramen in hot water, the turn into a consistency that is malleable and can be easily turned into a shape of your choice. Place the boiled instant noodles in circular moulds and add your choice of seasoning them. Let the moulds sit for a couple of hours and when you take them out after a few hours, you can fry them to help them hold on to their shape. Use these fried circular ramen buns instead of your regular buns for assembling your burger.

Make Them A Crunchy Snack

This one is a very easy trick and a fun one as well. Take out the spice pouch that comes with the instant noodles pack. Now while keeping the uncooked ramen still in the pack, roll it over a few times with rolling pin. This will crush the ramen into smaller bits. Add the spice from the pouch to the crushed uncooked noodles and mix it well. Use it as a fun and super crunchy snack!

Urbee Sarkar

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