Considering a relationship break? Here’s what you must consider

Pressing pause on a relationship is doable with some ground rules

Feeling frustrated with your partner of late? Is the pressure of work or school taking up a lot of energy? You and your partner constantly getting on each other’s nerves? Even though you love your partner, listening to them talk seems like such a task? Hate to be the bearer of tough news: you and your boo might need a relationship break.

Before you freak out and flashes of Ross and Rachel moments of “We were on a break” run through your mind, hear this out. A relationship break is not necessarily a bad thing, or an impending doom for a relationship; with consensual rules in place.

Taking a break can help partners reevaluate the relationship from an independent perspective. It also makes it abundantly clear if the relationship needs work and if partners are actually doing better without the relationship. A break in a relationship offers clarity of vision for the future. With working out the rules, a relationship can get better or fall apart completely.

Here are the things you must consider if you are taking about taking a relationship break.

Be absolutely sure a break is the best option

Honesty is key to any relationship. Before deciding to take a break a relationship, both you and your partner should be honest. Is it a break you need or it a vague mask for wanting a breakup? A break in a relationship will be not be fruitful if both or one partner wants to terminate the relationship. Both partners have to sure they want a break and not make false promises just to avoid a breakup.

Discuss the boundaries post the break

Certain boundaries or ground rules have to set. Will you see other people? How much will you communicate? Will you talk to each other? Whatever the boundaries, both partners must be consensual to the ground rules.

Consider keeping the decision private

Even though you might want to share of the break to your bestie or sister, you and your partner might consider keeping it under wraps. Be on the same page as your partner how much you will share with people. Keeping it private will keep meddling and unnecessary tension.

During the break, focus on yourself

Use the time off from your relationship to grow as a person. Romantic relationships often tend to make partners co-dependent and reclusive of other relationships. Take the time and space for yourself to reconnect with friends and re valuate your stance within your relationship.

Don’t let anxiety overrule your judgement

The thought of the future of the relationship might make you anxious. Try not to lose focus and don’t get carried away.


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