Cow Milk Or Buffalo Milk? Which Is Better For You As Per Ayurveda?

Milk could be rated to be one of the best foods in the world. Ayurveda values milk since ancient times for its building and toning properties and its ability to strengthen the Ojas (our vital immunity).

As infants, we start with our mother’s milk, which is why we continue to consume milk from cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats and other animals. Some regions in the world use milk from donkeys, yaks or camels, depending on availability. No matter what source, milk and milk products are an essential part of daily life. Milk has many health benefits and is versatile. You can find yogurt, cheese, and paneer, all of which are made out of milk. Our food preparations often include milk products. Milk is essential for growing babies and children. It is the best source of bioavailable calcium and quality proteins for adults.

There has been a debate for a while about whether cow’s milk is better than buffalo milk. Let’s compare them to conclude.

Fat content

The consistency of milk is actually due to the fat content. The fat content of cow milk is lower than that of buffalo milk. Because of this, buffalo milk is thicker than cow milk. Cow milk contains 3-4% fat, while buffalo milk contains about 7-8%. Buffalo milk is heavier than cow milk, which means it takes longer to digest and keeps you feeling fuller for extended periods.

Water content for hydration

Water is essential for everyone. Cow milk can be a great option if you are looking to increase your water intake. Cow milk is approximately 90% water, which is excellent for keeping you hydrated.


Buffalo milk has 10 to 11% more protein than milk from cows. It is also more resistant to heat. Because of the high protein content, buffalo milk is not recommended for infants or older people.

Cholesterol content

Both types of milk have different levels of cholesterol. Buffalo milk is low in cholesterol. This makes it an excellent choice if you have hypertension, PCOD, or other diseases such as PCOD.


Because buffalo milk is rich in fat and protein, it has more calories. One cup of buffalo milk has 237 calories while one cup of cow’s milk has 148 calories.


Buffalo milk can be kept for longer periods of time than cow milk. Because it is high in peroxidase activity (a type of enzyme), it can be preserved for a longer time than cow milk. Cow milk should not be consumed for more than a week.


While buffalo milk is creamier than cow milk, yellowish-white colour is associated with cow milk. The beta-carotene pigment in buffalo milk is converted to colourless Vitamin A. This makes it less yellowish than cow milk. The same thing happens in cow milk, but it is in lower quantities.

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