Creative breakthrough people experience during their sleep

We often feel that while we sleep, our body repairs and recharges. But do you know there were several instances when people had certain dreams that changed or made a major impact on the world in one way or another? Read on to know more.


One day at the age of 22 years, Paul McCartney woke up with an exquisite tune in his head. He immediately started to pick up the tune on the piano and felt that maybe it’s something he had heard years ago and remembered subconsciously. Upon further exploration, it was established to be a McCartney original with initial lyrics, “Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs.”

 Jekyll and Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson wanted to write about a man that had dual lifebut was getting frustrated as the plot or story was just not building up. He had countless days of agony as the plot was not presenting itself at all. Then one day, as he said, “On the second night I dreamed the scene at the window, and a scene afterwards split in two, in which Hyde, for some crime, took the powder and underwent the change in the presence of his pursuers.” And that’s how we got this classic!

 The Periodic Table

Dmitry Mendeleyev once was on a three-day work marathon when his body finally gave in, and he shut his eyes for few minutes. In his 20-minutes sleep, he dreamt of something that changed modern-day chemistry forever. Mendeleyev dreamt of a tabular arrangement where all elements fell into places. Upon waking up, he immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.


Until 1953, DNA’s shape and structure evaded scientists. Then, Dr James Watson dreamt something about the DNA that made him consider the double helix. According to Dr Watson’s alma mater, Indiana University, he dreamt of two intertwined serpents with heads at opposite ends.

The Sewing Machine Needle

The inventor of the modern time sewing machine Elias Howe for a long time, had been struggling to get a needle to work in his sewing machine. Then, as per ‘Popular Mechanics’, one day in 1905, he had a dream. He dreamt that a king had given him 24 hours to complete a machine and make it sew. As he could, warriors were taking him when he noticed their spears were pierced at the head! And that’s how the sewing machine needle was invented!

Stephen King’s Misery, Jack Nicklaus’ Golf Swing, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight are some other creative breakthroughs while sleeping.