Here are the reasons why teens behave the way they do

The dreamiest age of your life is also the most complex and confusing one. So, why do teens behave the way they do? Read on to know more.

Adolescence is a confusing and yet the best time of life. It is difficult not only for teenagers but also for people around them, especially their parents. Suddenly, their well-behaved and cheerful child has become moody. They have a hard time concentrating on studies but are very conscious about their looks, their positions within their peer group. Have you wondered why they behave as they do? Well, science has some answers for you all.

Why do teenagers have adevil may care attitude?

Weall have a good laugh, thinking about the time when we took all the stupid risks during our adolescence. But why we were so carefree? Science explains that the reason why teenagers are risk-takers is because their brain takes a bit longer to think about all the potential risks involved than an adult. For example, if you are afraid of heights and you are told to climb up a tree, you would surely not climb a tree. But a teen brain’s frontal lobe (which is responsible for decision making) is not connected with the rest of the brain as the adult brain does. That means teens cannot decide fast and understand risks, and so they simply go for the risky decisions.

Why do teens give in to peer pressure?

Science has a very interesting hypothesis regarding this according to MRI scans that were conducted on both teens and adults show that they react quite differently when they are in the presence of their friends when making a decision. The teens are likely to take risky decisions if they are in presence of their friends. That is because centre of reward in the brain is active in teenagers when they are in the company of their friends. But as we grow up, the pleasure of taking risky decisions in front of friends lessens. Hence, more mature decisions.

Why do teens behave like drama queens?

Studies suggest that it is because teenagers have difficulty interpreting facial expression and vocal inflection that others and that is why they tend to behave illogically in emotional situations. Adolescents use the amygdala, which is responsible for controlling emotions instead of the logic and reasoning part of the brain. That is why they are more likely to react over the top or like a drama queen.

So, it’s just a phase; even science says so!