Curd Based Beverages To Make

Beat the summer heat with these yummiliciousdahi based drinks.

Dahi, the ultimate cooling drink, is full of probiotics that help digestion and enriches you with calcium. The best part is that you can whip it into various meals and create the most unique recipes to add good health to each meal. The most popular are chaas and lassi, but the list just begins there. Be it mixed with fruits or spiced with herbs, dahi makes each snack time healthy. Here are some of the dahi based recipes to make at home and keep the summer heat at bay.

Masala Chaas-


Dahi- 400gm

Coriander seed powder- 1 spoon

Cumin seed 1 spoon

Asafoetida 1 spoon

Black salt 1 spoon


Mint leaves


You can keep adding every ingredient in the blender and have it prepared in a minute. To add the desi twist, you can whip it with your hand. If your dahi is too creamy, you can add a little water and stir all lumps out of it. Mix I until the consistency is like raita and let air bubbles get through it. Garnish it with mint leaves.

Rose Lassi-


Dahi- 3 cups

Sugar- 1 and a half spoon

Rosewater- 2 spoon

Water- 1 cup



You can whip the ingredients carefully or put them in a blender. Serve it with rose petals floating on top.

South Indian Spiced Buttermilk-


Dahi- half cup

Water- one and a half cup

Mustard seed- half spoon

Green chilli- one spoon

Ginger juice- half spoon

Curry leaves- 3-4

Oil- one spoon

Salt- one pinch


Blend the ingredients together and add water as you go. Heat oil in a skillet and add mustard seeds. Once they start spluttering, add asafetida, ginger, chilli and curry leaves. Whisk it with the dahi and serve.

The savourydahi based drink is relished in states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It is used as an offering for Ram Navami and is an exquisite beverage to start with. The addition of ginger makes the drink even more cooling for your digestive system.



Dahi – 500gm

Sugar- 2 spoons

Salt- one pinch

Gondhoraj lime- one

Water- 500 ml

The beautiful beverage is what Bengal needs in summers. Dahi sprinkled with a unique lime to hit a further refreshing limit. The milder taste and the soothing smell is what you need to welcome guests with.

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