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Dating a workaholic: Tips for a happy relationship

Find the happy work-life balance.

Relationships are hard enough as it is. Throw a workaholic partner in a relationship and things can get a lot harder.

Being in a relationship with a workaholic will make you feel you are not the top priority for them. And you aren’t wrong. Your partner’s career takes up a lot of their time so much so it feels like they are not mentally present with you.

A workaholic thrives on work. Either they are on call with the office or thinking about work while on a dinner date. The first thing to do when dating workaholic is never to take the lack of time spent personally. They can not reply to your texts or make impromptu date plans with you. Their idea of relaxation is not a spa day and very much different from yours. Most importantly, success and money and work are really important to them.

Dating a workaholic can be frustrating. But with little effort, having a happy relationship with your partner can be maintained. Here’s how.

Prioritize quality over quantity time

Not everyone can bring their best selves after a long day of work, so instead of forcing to spend time with each other, think of what you would both like to do. Maybe cook together at night, cuddle in your jammies for a short episode of your fav show, or even a bubble bath together.

Don’t guilt trip them abut work

It will be easy to say “you never have time for me” when your partner is busy working. Your partner is passionate about their work and guilt tripping them won’t make the relationship easy. Supporting your workaholic partner is a foremost.

Open communication when you feel neglected

Of course when you feel taken for granted, don’t sulk and be passive-aggressive. Talk about it openly when you feel alone in the relationship.

Plan activities together

Your work consumed partner and you must like common activities. Plan date nights. Impromptu plans might not be easy but to commit to the work-life balance, spend quality time together at least once a week.

Use their off-time to bond

Your partner finally got off work? Offer them some ta to relax. Or a nice back massage. Use their time off to connect with your partner.

Consider how you will talk about relationship problems

Yelling or passive aggressive comments never did a relationship any good. Instead cut back on the blame and sit down and openly discuss your feelings. Make it a safe space in the relationship to act and react in a candid manner.


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